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each and every single one of these feathers has a story to me, this is what happens when i get bored, i sit and individually pick out hundreds of feathers and 2 “pelts” and hand align each one to layer correctly with the next to put in a shadow box… for some reason i remember where/when/how i got all of these feathers, whether it was on a trip to the beach, from breeding the birds, craigslist pickups, poultry swaps, to roadkill, alot of these feathers ive found with friends over the years of hiking.




here’s a crow using a jar lid for a sled, if you’re interested in that sort of thing. i know i am.

it’s the only sort of thing i’m interested in, to be quite honest

But for real though, this video makes me feel more connected to life itself.

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So this is happening now. I wonder if it’ll die off or if it’ll become an official meme…. Lord help me XD

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Eastern Screech Owl by 

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hp memesix spells, magical creatures, potions, and/or objects [3/6] » Owls


FACT OF THE NIGHT:  owls are the smartest birds, able to speak over 22 bird languages.  most owls graduated top of their class at bird school, which is for birds

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Snowy Owlets.

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'Tawny Landing'
by Andy Ingram
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Male Falconry Great Horned Owl, photos by me taken on 1/28/2014, MD

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Snowy Owl by Sam Galick

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Dusty, Turkmenian Eagle Owl (Photo by David)

❝ twofacetoo bothered: HOOT HOOT.

Who who who cooks for you ?

❝ lancelet bothered: I'm making all sorts of unintelligible noises as I scroll through this blog weeps

Merp :>

❝ Anonymous bothered: How do you find so many owls?? I actually really love owls like they are my fave animal of all time, literally...

I have this Audubon bird guide app that people post their sightings on, I have a lot of birder friends, I’m outside when I’m not at work looking for birds lol :) -Cj

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