daily owls

Hello and welcome to an owl blog run by three people. Feel free to ask us for help with anything owl related and enjoy our blog!     ©



Where do you get your pictures? Do you take them yourselves?

No we don’t take them and we don’t claim any of them to be ours unless stated otherwise.

We get most of our pictures using Google or Flickr.

Follow/Promote me?

First, we can’t follow people seeing as this is a side-blog.

And in order for us to promote you, your blog has to be 99% birds. No promises that we’ll promote you even if you meet the requirements.

Any kind of requests

We’ll try and get to them as soon as possible. Just don’t expect it to be within the same day you send in the request.

If you want some right away type “/tagged/(owl species)” after “daily-owls.tumblr.com”.

(EX: daily-owls.tumblr.com/tagged/snowy owl)

Please don’t use fanmail to make requests as it’s not the purpose of fanmail.

And please don’t make gif requests because we don’t make gifs.

What type of owl is in this /post/_____?

Before asking check to make sure that we posted the picture.

If we posted it, then try checking the tags to see if the species type is there.

If we posted it and the species isn’t in the tags then send us an ask and we’ll try and tell you what it is but we may not be certain.

How come you never posted my submission?

Well either we didn’t receive it or we didn’t want to post it on our blog.


If we answer you privately it will say that one of our personal blogs answered, not “daily-owls”

Links that might be helpful:

An owl webcam that runs 24/7 (the website is in dutch but don’t worry)

owlpages - useful owl website with tons of information/pictures/etc