❝ Anonymous bothered: Wait... So you were gonna take the baby from its mother to use for falconry? How is that ok?

Maryland falconry law regulates taking one brancher from a nest as long as there is another for the mother to tend to, I’m not going to leave the mother with no babies.

I’ve been working with raptors for 4+ years and know more then enough, I’m not going to ruin something for my own personal gain, but the owl was dead, I have burried the owl peacefully in the middle of the woods

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I know this is not what some of you want to see,

it’s really not but all of you need to know the dangers of using rat poison.

Rats eat the poison and the owls eat the rats.

Then ends up slowly killing the bird from the inside out.

There is plenty other alternatives to using rat poison.

I had stumbled upon this little guy because a friend had texted me and told me that he was in a park near my house so…. needing a falconry great horned owl I went to go get the baby to imprint it and use it for falconry but Instead i found the mother hoping from tree to tree around the baby, that died about an hour before I got there.

so please everybody think About the consequences your actions will have on the environment and the beautiful majestic creatures that would inhabit it.


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Our new great horned owl baby decided that rolling around in his shredded paper was a great way to spend the day.

He was correeect! X3


THE MAGIC BEGINS - A Harry Potter Challenge

5. Favourite House/Your House » Ravenclaw

"Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw,
If you’ve a ready mind,
Where those of wit and learning,
Will always find their kind.”

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My owls. Pen and photoshop.





Watchu got there


a skull that connects to my spine hbu

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Remember when I said we had eggs?

They’re fluffy great horned owl babies now. A volunteer was in and took some photos of feeding time. 
I’m the not cute fluffy thing. 

They will be returned to the wild when they grow up.

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got to talk to this lovely lady tonight :3

How to find an owl:


Step 1: Look for white wash (aka owl poop)


Step 2: Look for owl pellets. Often containing small rodent bones.image

Step 3: Find owl shape giving you the stink-eye. 


The end.


Quirky miniature porcelain sculptures made by Ukranian artists  website Anya Stasenko and Slava Leontyev

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Owls confirmed to be the creepiest birds ever. LOOK AT THE FUCKING THINGS. If you fail to notice the one on the left fucking SWALLOWING a rat, then you have the dude singing some satanic chant or something next to him, and then you have those two other fucking psychos synchronized to make you feel creeped the fuck out with their soulless dance of FUCKING DOOM.

I really am tempted to reblog this every time it’s on my dash. That description is one of the best things on the internet.


Yeahhhh, I want this on my blog again.

❝ twunt23 bothered: How much time do you need per day for an owl to imprint properly?

as much time as possible, heard people doing 2-3 hours a day, and people i know personally would do dishes, laundry walk around the house with them all day. getting a baby great horend owl tomorrow :) - cj

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Princess Barn Owls repeat pattern I whipped up for my blog. Free to use but I’d appreciate credit!

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Strigiformes: King of Spades (Eurasian Eagle Owl)

Dinking around with another card deck idea.  I have no idea if this will actually ever be finished, much less printed.  I’m just having fun!

Kickstarter for my parrot deck is still a thing that is happening!!

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